Coding is Art, Math and Fun and hence natural for kids to learn. Coding will help your kids improve their creative and logical thought process.

We, at CoderCookies, will inspire and motivate passion in your kids to code.

We want to help move your kids and teens (k to 12) from “Consumption with Computers” to “Creation with Computers”.

We believe that all kids should be enabled to Code, whatever profession or area they choose.Every domain or area has demand for people with coding skills and it’s only going to increase. 

We will teach in small class sizes of maximum 5 or 6 kids and we will customize our teaching to individual needs of each kid. The more they learn, the happier we are to teach more.

Being parents of two smart cookies ourselves and having taught them to code, we believe we have what it takes to make your smart cookies, into smarter “coder cookies”. :)





Roopashri Satish is a software development professional with many years of software industry experience in companies like a Blackberry, Siemens and Western Digital. She has a passion to teach and enjoys teaching kids and young adults in particular.

Her vision is to enable and teach the necessary skills and concepts so that ALL Kids CAN Code, which is ‘must have skill’ for the future. And Most importantly she is a mother, who knows how to bake smarter cookies :)


Satish Venkob is a software development engineer with many years in the software development industry in companies like Blackberry, Apple and Amazon. He is passionate about developing creative curriculums and projects to teach coding concepts and skills that can be taught in a fun and meaningful.His Vision is to inspire kids to enjoy the learning process, skills and concepts and help them think in a logical, analytical and creative manner.

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